ABSA Food security

The vision of the Absa Food Security Programme is to support the development of urban agriculture as a catalyst for economic growth, and to build a sustainable food system in both rural and urban areas. This vision is implemented through a partnership network that focuses on house hold food security linked to local economic development, skills development, and job creation. At present, with the challenges faced because of COVID-19, the Food Security Programme is focused on vegetable production at house hold level to increase house hold access and create market linkages in the vegetable value chain. The outcome should include access to nutritious food, improved health, and increased opportunity for income generation. 

The programme is implemented using the Garden of Life methodology which is a basic farming technique that teaches the skills of growing vegetable crops on a small-scale in areas which would usually be deemed unsatisfactory for vegetable production. In addition, the intention is to enhance and expand the output from the Garden of Life to include development of local retail access and eventually identify individuals who can be assisted at small holder-farmer-level. Teams comprising graduates of the Garden of Life and agricultural specialists will assist with the training and on-site implementation. This includes running the workshops, establishing the model veggie tyre gardens at the identified facilities, and the mentoring and monitoring of the trainees over a six-month period. Additional capacity is available to expand the programme to additional sites beyond Gauteng Province. 

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