We will continue to deploy a holistic approach to engaging key stakeholders and communities in enterprise support, training support, community advocacy, and awareness campaigns.



The Hand in Hand (HIH) Employability Skills Training empowers young people with the information, knowledge, and skills required to successfully navigate the labour market. Young people are capacitated in interpersonal skills, workplace opportunity identification, drafting professional CVs, preparing for job interviews, work etiquette and ethics, employee rights and responsibilities, and how to keep a job or start a small business. Emphasis is placed on the work, people, financial, and entrepreneurial skills required for transitioning from school into a workplace environment.


Life skills refer to the adaptive and positive behaviours that enable people to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The HIH Life Skills Training helps individuals to develop their knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics to excel at school, in their careers, and in the community at large. The LST focuses on trust, personal development, personal success, time management, decision making, interpersonal skills, leadership, effective communication, stress management, and working in teams.


In order to support the transition of candidates into the workplace, HIH engages market actors in target communities for the purposes of raising awareness and soliciting placement opportunities. Simultaneously, HIH facilitates youth-led Labour Market Assessments LMAs, which build knowledge of, and ability to understand sector value chains, equip candidates with the understanding of how opportunity identification supports both the entrepreneurship and employment pathways, and inspire young people through the identification of new employment or self-employment opportunities in their communities. HiH internally provides job placement and labour market linkage opportunities with unemployed youth( aged 18-35 years) as the main target.


HiH facilitates beneficiaries' access to technical and vocational skills in areas where there is demand or presents greatest opportunities for self-employment post-training. TVETs and Accredited Training providers are engaged, and course programmes and fees are negotiated in order to maximise value for the beneficiary. The technical courses equip the beneficiaries with the knowledge and skills required by the labour market or needed to enter the self-employment pathway. HiH offers bursaries to eligible beneficiaries to study for a maximum of one year where applicable.

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