We will continue to deploy a holistic approach to engaging key stakeholders and communities in enterprise support, training support, community advocacy, and awareness campaigns.



Psychosocial support is offered to beneficiaries who have lived through traumatic experiences as a result of xenophobic attacks, war and civil war, human rights violations, or circumstances in their country of origin. This is accomplished by inviting organisations that offer psychosocial support to the training where they offer individual and group counselling to the affected beneficiaries.


This emergency response is directed at business owners, their families, and persons who have been attacked, looted, intimidated, harassed, displaced or have lost livelihoods due to attacks or fear of attacks in their host communities. As part of efforts to preserve and accelerate the rebuilding of business assets and livelihoods lost during periods of social upheavals, such as community protests and xenophobic attacks, HIH facilitates access to boot camps during which affected persons are supported within intense business training sessions, focusing on selected business skills, entrepreneurship, and business risk management among others. 

Social cohesion and human rights skills are some of the core interventions provided during these boot camps. In addition, psychosocial support is rendered to beneficiaries through experts and partner organisations in the form of individual and group counseling sessions. Beneficiaries who successfully complete the boot camps are supported with business re-starter packs to enable them to re-establish businesses and livelihoods lost during community attacks. 


HIH seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote food security. We facilitate participants' access to food security programs where they are trained to plant and tend their vegetable gardens, and produce for household consumption, and commercial sales which in turn, creates sustainable livelihoods. The participants are also trained on how to take care of the environment and be aware of various forms of agricultural farming techniques so that wastage of precious natural resources such as water and fertile soil is avoided and rather beneficiaries learn how to create good farming conditions from the limited resources in their community.

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