"The project aims to reach 5 883 AGYW girls in four provinces"

Economic Strengthening for AGYW 

In July 2021, Hand-in-Hand Southern Africa (HIH) was sub-contracted by FHI 360 to provide Economic Strengthening (ES) Training for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW). The ES training aims to decrease AGYW's reliance on transactional sex and strengthen AGYW's self-efficacy and decision-making power in relationships. Through the ES component AGYW will receive foundational financial literacy training, entrepreneurial mindset training, workplace sexual harassment prevention training, vocational training, and linkages to wage-employment or entrepreneurship opportunities. The project aims to reach 5 883 AGYW girls in four provinces namely, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga. Below is the trainings to be provided.

  • Build AGYW's knowledge of how to identify an opportunity, mobilize resources to exploit the opportunity and execute the business model
  • Equip AGYW with coping strategies for resilience to setbacks
  • Develop AGYW's ability to identify sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Provide AGYW with strategies to avoid and manage cases of sexual harassment in the work environment
  • Build AGYW's knowledge of and ability to understand value chains
  • Equip AGYW with the understanding of how opportunity identification supports both the entrepreneurship and employment pathways
  • Inspire AGYW through the identification of new employment or self-employment opportunities in their community

· Entrepreneurial Mindset Training:

· Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace:

· Facilitate AGYW-led LMAs