Community Responses and Systems CSO Capacity Development

Beyond Zero

Hand in Hand Development is one of the Civil Society Organisations (CSO) appointed by Beyond Zero for the Global Fund's COMMUNITY RESPONSES AND SYSTEMS CSO CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT Project since April 2021. The programmes aims at strengthening community groups, organizations and networks, and supporting collaboration with other actors and addresses the key importance of capacity building to enable delivery of effective, sustainable community HIV, TB and STI responses. Hand in Hand is targeting AGYW in and out of school, in Nelson Mandela Bay Sub District C to render the following services:

  • Mobilization activations with KVPs in the selected sub district.
  • Mobilize KVPs through community outreach to participate in the AGYW programme.
  • Refer KVPs to MIET AFRICA in the Sub District C for uptake of health services...
  • Conduct PrEP, HTS and CSA demand activations with KVPs in the sub district.