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We are dedicated to making a transformative impact through a series of impactful campaigns. Through these campaigns, Hand in Hand Southern Africa is working towards creating a brighter future and fostering positive change in the SADC region.

Empower for Employment 


In today's rapidly evolving job market, possessing relevant employability skills is crucial for career success. Hand in Hand Southern Africa recognizes the importance of empowering individuals with the right skills and competencies to access employment opportunities and reach their full potential. Through our "Empower for Employment" campaign, we are committed to providing employability skills training that empowers individuals to secure sustainable livelihoods and contribute to economic growth.

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Provide comprehensive employability skills training to youth, women, and marginalized communities.
  2. Enhance job readiness and interview skills for successful employment.
  3. Promote entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities.
  4. Promote financial literacy and economic independence.
  5. Bridge the skills gap and align workforce competencies with industry demands.

How Your Donation Can Help:

By donating to the "Empower for Employment" campaign, you can directly contribute to the following initiatives:

  1. Employability Skills Training Programs: Your generous contribution will help us develop and deliver employability skills training programs that cover critical areas such as communication skills, problem-solving, teamwork, time management, and adaptability. These programs will be tailored to the specific needs of different groups, including youth, women, and marginalized communities.
  2. Job Readiness Workshops: Your donation will support job readiness workshops that focus on resume building, interview preparation, and effective job search strategies. These workshops will equip participants with the confidence and skills to display their talents and stand out in the competitive job market.
  3. Entrepreneurship Development Support: With your support, we can provide entrepreneurship development training and support services for aspiring entrepreneurs. This may include business planning, access to microfinance, mentorship, and networking opportunities, empowering individuals to pursue self-employment and create their own job opportunities.
  4. Financial Literacy Programs: Your contribution will enable us to offer financial literacy programs that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage their finances effectively. By promoting financial independence and responsible financial behaviour, we can empower individuals to make sound financial decisions for themselves and their families.
  5. Skill Enhancement and Industry Alignment: Through your donation, we can offer skill enhancement programs that align workforce competencies with industry demands. By identifying emerging skills needs and collaborating with industry partners, we can ensure that individuals are equipped with the right skills for current and future employment opportunities.

Join Our Campaign:

By joining our "Empower for Employment" campaign, you become a catalyst for change, empowering individuals with employability skills for a brighter future. Together, we can bridge the skills gap, promote economic empowerment, and build a more inclusive and resilient workforce.

Donate today and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals seeking meaningful employment.

Remember, empowering employability skills can lead to a lifetime of opportunity and success!

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