Value Addition and Market Linkage 

HiH SA equips its members with relevant skills that enable them to add value to their products mainly in areas such as processing, packaging and quality control. HiH SA also builds and strengthens partnerships and collaborations that open up new and bigger markets for its members. Market linkage interventions are based on gap analysis among the groups under HiH SA training. Interventions on market linkage have so far been achieved at local levels; in the village, market centre and through group to group linkages.

Attempts have been made to link both groups and individual members to more reliable market outlets - e.g. supermarkets and processors - but efforts have so far been challenged by inadequate quantities to sufficiently meet buyer demand. In an effort to overcome the challenges, HiH SA is promoting training and sensitization of members by skilled trainers on improved methods of production, proper pricing and bulk production that enables them to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale.

On a systematic market development level, HiH SA is working in partnership with other market players in developing linkages whereby members are supported from production to the end market.