"They are taking our jobs"

- A myth believed, a story untold

by Lelo Mthimkulu

Johannesburg, Gauteng, March 12-2018

 "They are taking our jobs" 

was what encapsulated in the minds of many citizens, during the somber outbreak of
xenophobic attacks on South African soil between the years 2008 and 2015 
respectively. Contextually for South Africa, the historical and racial injustices
still dominate the public imagination, which often obscures the link between xenophobia
and ethnic prejudice. Xenophobia as a form of ethnic,
linguistic and cultural prejudice, often claims justification from immigration
laws. Hence, stereotypes reduce individuals to "illegal migrants" title
regardless of their actual immigration status, including those that forcefully
fled their home countries to find refuge in South Africa. 
Therefore, refugees are left with no choice but to seek employability and self-employment opportunities that ensures their survival, sustainability, and self-reliance
Is the quest for making a living a justified vindication of taking people's jobs?